Robust Waterproof Design

K-1 Light


Free from Flooding

Waterproof Design of the Light Head  

1. Light head reusable even if breached due to improved protection 

2. Two o-rings on the screw threads and one on the light head to ensure

     water proofness

Various Type of Battery Support

26650, 18650 battery support

Type C, CR123A support body launch scheduled

Optimized Light Output

1. Maximization of reflector efficiency to 90% through DLC technology

2. Output of 1,100 lumens with minimum light loss

Battery Heating System

1. Battery case with aluminum on the inside and acetal on the outside for      

    thermal conductivity differential

2. Utilization of LED heat to increase battery temperature in cold water

Canister with Location Indicator Chemical

Chemical to aid locating adrift divers

Example of Indicator Chemical


K-1 Series


K-1 Light Mini

 Compact size for hand mount

Extension Cable for Side Mount

130cm cord with 90 angle wire connection from light head to canister

Handle with Automatic Size-adjustment

Omni-directional adjustment backup screws in case of failure

Extension Cable with Canister Plug

Extension cable kit for side mound or back mount

Assembling Guide

Canister Light User's Guide

Webbing Connection Adaptor User's Guide